14-741 Information Security

Graduate course, Carnegie Mellon University, 2024

I am part of the teaching team of 14-741 Information Security at CMU as a teaching assitant. The course covers technical and policy foundations of information security, with main objective to enable students to reason about information systems from a security engineering perspective. Topics include elementary cryptography; access control; common software vulnerabilities; common network vulnerabilities; digital rights management; policy and export control law; privacy; management and assurance; and special topics. I am responsible for Office Hours, grading, and recitations.

CSC3150 Opearating Systems

Undergraduate course, SDS, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2022

I was part of the teaching team of CSC3150 Operating System instructed by Professor Yeh-Ching Chung as a undergraduate teaching fellow at CUHK, Shenzhen, China. The course introduces the architectures and functions of operating systems. By looking at the overall architecture and individual components of different types of operating systems, major design issues, algorithms and design trade-off are discussed. I am responsible for teaching the tutorials, holding office hours, and project grading.