Latest Updates

  • 03/07/2024: I am actively looking for Software Engineering full time new grad roles for 2025
  • 12/20/2023: I will be joining Salesforce Data Cloud team as a software engineer intern at Bellevue, WA in the coming summer.
  • 05/15/2023: I have started my study of computer systems and computer science as a master student at CMU.

Graduating in December 2024, I am on the job market now and actively seeking 2025 SDE full time opportunities. With 2 years of industrial experience in backend development and distributed systems, I am good at building data-intensive application of scale.

Professionally, I developed service-oriented applications in several roles, demonstrating proficiency across a variety of frameworks, databases, and cloud services. I have extensive experience in performance monitoring and optimizing system designs. I am also proficient in designing ETL data pipeline to support data warehouses. Besides, I am adept at creating CI/CD pipelines, managing infrastructure using Terraform and proficient in utilizing Docker and Kubernetes. My comprehensive experience allows me to efficiently optimize and scale applications.

On top of backend development, I am also passionate about systems engineering with solid C programming skills and familiarity with low-level operating system knowledge, including memory/resource management, scheduling and process control, and hardware virtualization.

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